Women's Leadership Coaching, Executive Business Coach

How an NYC Executive Business Coach Can Help You

We all need guidance whether it is personally or professionally. Luckily it is easy to find guidance professionally because there are business coaches from all walks of life with the experience to take you to new levels. Let’s evaluate some of these executive business coaches you can find out there and see if they can get you on your way to an awesome career.

Small Business and Start-Up Coach/Consultant

Small Business Coach, Executive Business Coach NYC

Small business coaching is as much about driving profit as it is about developing the person. It provides feedback, positive supports, and one-of-a-kind advice to an individual or group to improve their personal effectiveness in their small business setting.

Women’s Leadership Coach

When it comes to conducting business among men, numerous of executive women around the globe often suspect that they are at a disadvantage and statistics confirm it even more. Women often find it difficult to be promoted at the same rate as men, even if their work is outstanding.

Women’s leadership coaching helps executive women increase their impact within their organization, improve their performance, and find success on their own terms. This type of coaching is definitely a unique kind of mentoring and leadership development.

Women’s Online Business Coach

Women's Online Business Coach

This type of business coaching for women helps them determine what will and what will not function in their business. Online women’s business coaches help people dig deeper to find new opportunities, and they hold one accountable for taking action.

CEO Leadership Development Coaching

This type of coaching can provide each CEO with the individual insight, coaching, strategies and leadership skills needed to achieve better decisions and results for his/her company. CEO leadership development coaching continuously develops your leadership skills and drives real results in real time.


There is not one person in business who has all the answers, man or woman. Great leaders reach out for help all the time, because they know they don’t have all the answers. On-boarding a business coach to help you or your company breakthrough barriers will just be the beginning to your success. You need to utilize their know how, their experience, and their passion for you. Life is serious but can be enjoyed like a game you just need to know the rules and the right coach will set you up for success each time.

Construction Equipment Renting, Construction Lift renting

Construction Equipment Renting NYC

The other day I sat down with my friend who is a steel lather in NYC. He was going on and on about his job but more specifically how he goes about renting construction equipment when he is building a building in NYC. It never occurred to me that you would need to rent equipment to get the job done, guess it was my ignorance but I guess I figured they would have all the tools they needed.

Renting Concrete Equipment

Excavator Rental New York

I began to ask all sorts of questions because I was curious about how this little but billion dollar a year operated without me even knowing about it. Then again I work from my computer in the marketing world and have never needed to rent concrete equipment in New York city like my friend does on a weekly basis. What really caught me off guard was the amount of businesses out there where you can find just about any piece of equipment you might need. Need to rent a drill in a pinch? There is someone who has you covered.

Renting a Construction Lift

My good friend said he decides who he is going to rent from by looking at 2 criteria.

Equipment is well maintained and clean

To do any job you need properly functioning equipment, so for best results how the construction is maintained and how clean it is plays a big role. Imagine renting concrete equipment like a mixer, bringing it to your job site and it stops working in a matter of minutes. Think of all the lost revenue, salaries, permits, etc.

Rent an Electric Generator in New York City

The very nature of the construction industry takes a lot of wear and tear not only on the workers but also the equipment. Therefore requiring the renting companies to constantly lubricate, change wear pieces, etc. to have functioning items. Before taking possession of any piece of equipment make sure you test it and it looks to be in working order before you leave for the job or the company leaves the equipment with you.

Drill Rentals NYC

Rent a drill NYC, Generator Rental NYC

Another thing to consider when talking to the rental company about the equipment is their policy about breakdowns and insurance. Can they get you new rental lift in the same area of NYC if it happens to break down? Will they be able to replace that electric generator you are renting to power your job site, if it suddenly stops working. What if you need to rent a bigger excavator because of things you didn’t anticipate, can they help you?

Where to rent an excavator in NYC

These are just some of the questions you will need to ask and have answered before deciding to do business with any construction equipment rental company not only in New York but and anywhere in world.

Pricing is key

With so many companies through the NYC area renting construction equipment prices should be pretty stable across the board. But you can always find deals with smaller rental companies. My friend was telling me how he needed to rent a concrete drill the other day and contacted one of the big companies and they quoted him a really high price. He knew he had gotten it for much cheaper before so here searched and a place to rent that same drill in NYC for half he price, and the kicker was it was right around the corner. He never knew of this place before but says he will be going back from now on. The construction industry might look like this vast world where no one really knows anyone but when you build relationships by offering great prices for equipment you make a customer for life.

Be sure to shop around, and compare prices. Renting construction equipment can add up quickly and like any business every dollar counts. Don’t let that concrete equipment you rented or that lift you rented put you over budget.

I am truly amazed that I never knew about this billion dollar industry before and now feel like I can contribute to the conversation when all my construction friends begin to talk shop when I’m around. You learn something new everyday…or at least you should.